Five reasons why you should read The Keepers by Monique O'Connor James
The Keepers by Monique O'Connor James is a fabulous YA/Adult crossover book about a girl struggling with her belief of God and a gorgeous angel that hates humans more than anything.

Here is my review of the book:

Here is the synopsis:
denies God. In his infinite wisdom, He's taken everyone she's ever loved. Moving to the French Quarter was a ploy to erase the guilt she felt for rebuking her faith. Perhaps, if she hadn't met Justin, an angel preoccupied with getting back into God's good graces, and drowning in his hatred for humanity, her plan would have worked.

Justin's general disdain for the human race makes him difficult to like, but some higher power has appointed him her keeper. Justin's convinced he can mend her broken relationship with her maker, but in the process he learns a thing or two about his own humanity.

Never mind falling in love, that's not supposed to happen. In fact, it may even be forbidden. Jess just wants Justin to understand her plight, and he wants to protect her from a world she doesn't know.

If neither are equipped to save the other, then whose soul will live and whose will perish?

#1 - It is an amazing book. It is original and has everything you could need in a great book! A different kind of romance, action, twists and turns, beautiful descriptions and writing, and a gorgeous cover. Plus, It's got smokin' hot angels. The emotions in this book are so very real. I found myself in tears for a good part of a book. And I fully believe that only a great author can cause a reader to experience that.

#2 - The characters are all well written, relateable, and loveable! I loved me some Justin! ;) The setting is so amazing that it feels like another main character. By the end of the book, I wanted to visit New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

#3 - While the book is spiritual and has a lot to do wit God, it is not overwhelming. (Like I stated in my review. The topic is handled exquisitely! This should definitely NOT stop someone from reading this book. The book is incredibly calming and made me feel incredibly thankful for all that I have.

#4 - Right now (for the next three hours) The Keepers is only $1.99 at barnes and noble, amazon, and

#5 - Once The Keepers reaches #1 on Amazon, Monique is going to giveaway one signed paperback copy!

Oh wait! There's a sixth reason to read it!!

# 6 - Because I said so. :)

What are you waiting for! Go get The Keepers!

Monique is an awesome author! You can check her out on facebook author page here:!/pages/Monique-OConnor-James-Author/151581321573144

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Indie Author Bash Day 16
Indie Author Bash Day 16

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Bloodborn by Karen Kincy

Bloodborn by Karen Kincy is to be released on September 8th 2011!

This is the second book in the series. The first book, and her first novel, is titled Other and is an extremely amazing and original story. After reading this book, I added it to my 'favorites shelf'. I have been looking forward to this book for a long time and will continue to look forward to it until it arrives.

If you haven't checked out Other yet, I would suggest you do.

Happy Reading!

Week one of March- Jennifer Laurens contest!
Jennifer Laurens has yet another fabulous contest running this week. You can enter to win one of two prize packs (a book and a shirt) for either A Season of Eden or Heavenly!

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Hurts...not so good.
Today was a really crappy day. Waking up sick is not fun. On the other hand, waking up with a visit from Uncle TOM sucks. If you didn't get the reference, then you are just dumb.

You want to know something else that sucks. Writing a three page paper about racism. I mean, three pages isn't that bad, but it gets bad when you have two complete pages and have completely run out of ideas for that last damn page. So, I guess that's why I found my way onto live journal.

Only two days of school left! Whoo! I still have not decided what i'm going to do during my break. I kind of wanted to get a job at American Eagle, but then again, I don't. Jobs in my opinion are a win some lose some scenerio. I mean, yeah, you get money and a discount and other stuff, but with a job you have a lot less free time. And yeah, I know I don't spend a lot of time with my friends already, but I don't know. I guess the big reason is that part of me is a lazy procrastinator.

Nineteen days left until Christmas. For some reason I just not that excited this year. Maybe it's because i'm lonely and hardly talk to my friends anymore. Maybe it's because I know Christmas is not such a big deal this year. Or possibly because I know almost everything I got. I'm betting it is a little bit of all three.

I really need to finish this damn paper...

Until next time,

Love and death- Don't you mess with my heart...
Another fabulous blog title! The song is 'Love and death' by Tokio Hotel. Lately, most tracks from their new cd 'Humanoid' have been playing repeatedly on my ipod. It really is a teriffic cd. It is a very different sound for the group, but it isn't so different as to where you don't like them anymore.

Anyway, this blog is going to be a little bit shorter than the past few ones. But oh well. And yay me! Three blogs in a row! It is like a miracle!

So, today it snowed. In Texas. Yes, I know, it was crazy. Just one little problem. I didn't actually get to see it. My mom and dad both saw it. Even my little brother saw it. At this moment, I am the only person in this house that has never seen snow before. It actually makes me pretty sad. One day I will see snow. Even if I have to walk to Colorado, I will see it!!!!

And for some reason I have the fan going. Even though it is probably in the thirties outside. Yeah, going to turn that off now.... Okay, the dumb fan is off...Now where was I.

I took my first college final today. History. I think I did okay, or at least I hope I did. It is amazing that after next Wednesday I will have completed my first semester of college! Yesterday I signed up and paid for my second semester. Fifteen hours worth of classes. I think I might be crazy, but these things must be done quickly if i'm going to graduate with a college degree any time soon.

When I got home today, after a full day of presentations, a history final and complete disappointment from not seeing snow, I cleaned my room. And normally when I say I 'cleaned' that means I did a half-ass job. Oh no. Today, I did the works. Sweeping, vaccuming, hanging up clothes, throwing things away, ect. Plus, I had dishes and laundry. My back is killing me at the moment. More than likely i'll have a hard time going to sleep tonight. For some reason, I can no longer sleep on my sides because it hurts my back so much. I really think I should see the doctor about it hurting so much, but i'll get to that when I have time.

Right now is another lonely period time. Half of me wants someone to share the joy and happiness of Christmas time, and the other part wants to be single and independant and just..happy. But lately I don't feel exactly happy. It's more of just feeling okay. The great moments are followed by moments that in ways are painful. I don't understand why I am an eighteen year old that is crushed by being alone. Have I been alone so long that I have become desperate? Am I not fulfilling some part of life? Do others feel like this?

And of course, there is him... Him that is so perfect and amazing. Him that can manage to be thousdands of miles away and still makes me smile everytime I think of him. And what kills me is knowing that i've gotten slightly attached to him, and it will never happen. I am a firm believer in miracles and I know that weird things happen, but let's be honest. Those weird things don't happen that often. Plus, he is so great, why on Earth would he want anything to do with me? There is nothing special about me. I couldn't even tell him what my talent is...Because I believe that I don't have one. And then I get mad at myself..For being so hard on myself. I am just a stubborn person and this is just a bad situation.

Well, I think I am going to try to read some before bed.

Until next time,

For your entertainment---
Subject courtesy of Adam Lambert's new cd titled "For your entertainment". Even though his performance at the American Music Awards was disturbing to say the least, after listening to some of his album on I might just have to go out and buy the record. The title track is strangely addicting.

But anyway, it is freezing in my room. Even with fuzzy socks and flannel pajama pants. Time to break out the hot chocolate! Yum! Speaking of freezing, Friday there is a good chance there will be snow on the ground at some point in the day. I am super excited because i've never seen snow before. It would be great to finally cross that off of my 'list of things'. Of course, if I don't see if falling then I still have to see that as well. I need to go to Colorado or New York.

So today is Wednesday. Only one day left of actual classes. Hopefully tomorrow I'll finally be able to register for my second semester.I'm not that worried about finals. That fact kind of makes me nervous. I really need to study so I can get good grades in my first college courses. This semester has seemed to fly right past my eyes. I'm still not certain if I want to remain at my current community college, or if I want to transfer to a bigger university come fall.

Today I wrapped nearly twenty Christmas gifts. It puts me in such a good mood to sit there and wrap while listening to Elvis Christmas. That is probably the only Christmas music that I can stand to listen to the whole month of December. Christmas is just around the corner! Only twenty-three days to go. Technically, I open most of my gifts on Christmas eve, so I don't even have to wait that long.

Christmas time always finds me in a good mood. There is so much cheer and joy in the air, it is nearly impossible not to be happy. But there are even some things that Christmas can't make better. Like the fact that even though I am completely content at the moment, I am still ridiculously lonely. I mean, what single teenage girl isn't during the holidays. I just don't think it is fair for him to still be in my head. True, I don't think about him as much, but he's still always lurking in the outer fringes of my thoughts. I want to talk to him, I really do. But how do I know that he feels the same way. I feel like i'm being so childish. I'm not desperate, i really am not. But still, I wish I had someone in my life that cared for me. Walking around on a daily basis is hard when I see happy couples walking hand in hand. I want what they have! And I feel like that is something I will never get.

I am now listening to Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' on my ipod touch. I know I randomly switched topics, but oh well. I really love this song and even though it's kind of sad, I have to admit that I am starting to like Gaga even more lately. I know she wears strange outfits and acts rather odly, but she does have a good voice in my opinion at least. I guess her and Lambert are my new 'guilty pleasure' artists. Lately i've just been in the mood for catchy popish tunes and they fit into that category.

I am so freaking cold! Ugh! I feel like i'm getting sick which is definitely ly not a good thing. It never fails- I am always sick on Christmas. But you know what? It is worth it. My family and I always have a blast on Christmas and Christmas eve. It is my favorite holiday...Ever! I can't wait to finally bake some sugar cookies. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water! Haha.

Blogged two days in a row! Wow! I'm so proud of myself. I really need to keep this up. Blogging is actually very relaxing and since I keep saying that I want to write and publish a book, it's good practice. Speaking of book writing...I need to work on my current story. I'm not sure i'm going to keep it. But it gives me some warm up writing. Who knows? Maybe the idea will grow on me and then i'll be able to expand it.

Gotta drink some of my hot chocolate before it gets too cold...

Until next time...


There's no real love in you...
I'm listening to Tokio Hotel's 'Automatic' right now. (which is where the title comes from)

Today was a busy day. Homework, christmas shopping, brother's basketball game, more homework. Blah, blah, blah.
At this moment, i'm extremely bothered by the fact that certain people put certain things off until the very last minute. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am a procrastinator and everything. But this is a little bit late for even me... I guess that's a risk you have to take when you work in a group. Note to self: Next time work by yourself...And get the work done earlier than then hours before it's due.

The weather was aweful today. It rained the whole day and it was cold. Even though I love the cold, those two don't mix especially when I believe I might be getting sick. I can't believe that it is already December first. My first semester in college has flown by. I have selected next semesters classes, finally. Tomorrow I need to take care of a few last minute things before I can actually register. I will be so relieved when that is done. I really can't wait for these last few days of class to be done. I am so ready for a break. However, even though I say that now, I have a feeling that during the month or so that I'm off, i'll probably be bored out of my mind. Lauren and I talked about getting gym memberships, and possibly jobs. I guess working at American Eagle wouldn't be so bad. I mean, I feel like I am there all the freaking time. My dream job would be to work in a bookstore. But considering you never see any young people working there, I doubt they would hire me. But who knows? I really do need to start getting applications.

I love this time of year. Seeing all the Christmas lights on while driving through town at night is simply spectacular. There is even a chance for snow flurries on Friday. And even though I know that it most likely won't happen, it still makes me giddy. Plus, when mom and I begin wrapping Christmas presents, which was a week or two ago, we get to break out the Elvis Christmas cd. I have no idea how it still works. That thing is on repeat the whole month of December.

Ugh, I cannot believe that it is already after ten o'clock. Waking up at six thirty tomorrow is really going to stink.

I really need to start blogging every night...Or at least once a week.

Until next time,


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